本服务条款适用于Slappey Communications, 有限责任公司之间的关系. (“Slappey”), with offices at 阿拉巴马州伯明翰市卡哈巴高地法院100号室4260号,邮编35243, 和我们的客户. Slappey是一家提供广泛数据和电信服务的公司, software and/or hardware/设备 and Customer desires to purchase certain of these services ("服务") from Slappey, 并且Slappey愿意按照价格向客户提供服务, 本服务条款中规定的条款和条件, 或在联邦和州监管当局备案的适用关税中.

Customer acknowledges that Slappey will conduct a review of Customer's credit rating, 斯莱皮可能会要求交保证金. The amount of the deposit will be based upon the anticipated Monthly billing for the 服务 the Customer is ordering. 在此提供的服务将以价格为准, (1)向适当的联邦和州监管当局备案的适用关税中所述的条款和条件(如果服务已加收关税), (2)本服务条款. In the event of a conflict between the applicable tariffs and this 服务条款, 关税永远优先于加征关税的服务.

基本协议. Slappey sells services and maintains personal property and/or software pertaining to business communications. 除了, provides consulting and/or agent representative services relevant to business communications, 包括但不限于, 设备, 租赁, 拨号音, 互联网, data, 网络, 和长途服务. 应客户要求, Slappey may from time to time provide any one or more of the services offered to the Customer under the terms of service. Each such service provision will be referred to herein as a "Transaction Agreements.“斯莱皮不能保证, 保修, 或建议任何第三方服务提供商提供的服务质量, manufacturer or vendor; Slappey in its course of business serves as an advocate representative on behalf of the Customer as a support agent to aid the Customer in obtaining the highest quality and standard of service from all vendor relationships; It is further stipulated that any proposal, 性能, 建议, or quote presented to the Customer by Slappey is based on information collected from external sources, 包括但不限于客户, 第三方供应商和行业来源的竞争和变化的市场, 而不应被视为担保.

文档. 除非Slappey和客户另行书面同意, each Transaction will be documented using the appropriate agreement amendment form(s), 如有必要,应包括网上电子游艺手机app下载性证据或第三方文件.

客户同意. 客户同意将任何客户设备采购或设备采购订单转让给合适的租赁机构(如适用). Customer agrees not to establish or retain any security interest in any 设备 purchase funded through a 租赁 entity.

协议的条件. Slappey无义务签订交易协议,且不会因交易而向客户或任何第三方供应商披露或承担责任, 即使Slappey之前已经对拟议的交易发出了信贷批准, 除非, the Customer accepts alternative resolution provided by Slappey that removes the exposure or liability.

附加设备或服务. 客户可能, 在本协议有效期内的任何时间,只要客户没有违约或拖欠本协议条款, add one or more items of 设备 ("Add-On Equipment") as described in the service(s). 任何适用的附加组件设备或服务的定价将根据双方同意的交易协议收取费用。.

声明与保证. 客户代表, 向Slappey保证和承诺,每笔交易的设备和服务的交付和接受:(a)客户已正式成立. Customer is organized and 有效的ly existing under the laws of the state of its domicile; (b) all documents contained in each application and/or executed by Customer in connection with any relevant Transaction are legal, 有效的, 真正的, 由客户正式签署(如条款和文件要求), and are enforceable with their terms; (c) there are no agreements between Customer and any other third party or associated vendor in connection with any Transaction; (d) no express or implied warranties have been made by Slappey to the Customer, except as contained and identified in an agreement; (e) In the event of a 租赁 entity, the 租赁 entity will have good title or a first priority security interest to all 设备, 没有任何留置权, 索赔, security interest and encumbrances on and as of the date of acceptance of the 设备 under each Transaction; (f) Equipment will be delivered to the Customer's address indicated in the applicable Transaction, properly installed (if applicable) and in good working condition according to specifications;

员工征集. The Customer understands that Slappey has substantial expense in terms of time and money spent for the advertising, 筛选, 测试, 培训, 并经验开发其人员, 除了, the consequential impact an employee may have on the revenue activity to Slappey and/or its Customers. 客户同意,在受雇于Slappey期间或离职后一(1)年内,未经Slappey明确书面同意,不得招揽任何员工和/或独立承包商. Customer further agrees to compensate Slappey for liquidated damages no less than $100,000.00 relevant to the impact of the employee as documented by a Request for Liquidated Damages provided by Slappey.

客户的义务. 应要求用户提供足够的电力, 合适的电缆接入路径, 环境, 以及为Slappey的设备预留空间,并赔偿因客户疏忽、故意行为或火灾而对Slappey的设备造成的任何损害, electrical or lightning surges or any other cause except Slappey's 设备 malfunction; Customer shall make Slappey's 设备 located on Customer's premises available for maintenance in a timely manner; and shall pay Slappey's charges for time and material resulting from problems which were caused by Customer or Customer's 设备. 客户应始终保护和维护Slappey对位于或在客户场所内的所有Slappey设备的所有权. Any Slappey 设备 shall remain the property of Slappey and shall not become part of the real estate. 双方均不得调整, 对齐, 尝试修复, relocate or remove the other party's 设备 except as expressly authorized in writing by the other party.

支付和取消. Payment for all charges and governmental taxes and assessments on the Service is due within fifteen (15) days of date of invoice. In the event Customer fails to pay Slappey's invoice in full on or before fifteen (15) days after the due date, 客户还应支付滞纳金,金额以较少者1的金额为准.每月未付余额的5%或最高法定利率. Slappey也有这个权利, 在给予客户五(5)天的书面通知后, 取消或暂停所有服务,直至客户付清任何欠款, 包括本合同规定的任何滞纳金. Slappey必须在发票开具之日起的四十五(45)天内收到账单调整的书面请求以及所有网上电子游艺手机app下载文件,否则将放弃账单调整的权利. In the event of a billing dispute, Customer shall timely pay the undisputed amounts. Billing will be prepared and sent to the Customer mid-month payable by the 1st of the upcoming month. Customer agrees to receive all invoices electronically and agrees to additional charges for any paper invoices requested.

服务请求. 如果客户改变他们的订单或服务与斯莱皮, then Customer agrees that certain cancellation or change of service/order charges may apply.

不可抗力. 尽管这里有任何相反的规定, 如果客户或任何其他方因任何原因或原因超出了Slappey的合理控制,则Slappey不对客户或任何其他方承担责任, 但不限于, 火, 爆炸, 破坏公物, 电缆剪. 风暴或其他类似事件, 任何政府行动或国家紧急情况, 叛乱, 骚乱, 战争, 罢工或其他劳动困难, 供应商失败, 或短缺.

Limitation of Liability of Slappey; Warranties. 由于提供任何服务而产生的任何性质的无礼行为的全部责任,都不应超过服务期间向客户收取的相应费用, 遗漏, 中断, 延迟, 错误, 或服务或设备的缺陷, 或者发生引起索赔的其他事件或行为. 在任何情况下,概不承担间接责任, 特殊的, 惩罚性, 重要的, 或INCIDENTIAL损害赔偿, 包括但不限于, 利润损失, 收入或数据或不准确的数据, 即使被告知此类损害的可预见性. SLAPPEY DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO SERVICE OR EQUIPMENT, 包括但不限于, 任何针对特定目的的适销性和适用性的隐含保证.

税费及附加费用. 任何适用的联邦, 州或本地使用, 特许权, 销售税或特权税, 责任或类似责任, 或任何预先订阅的交换所载波费用, 如果有任何, charged to or against Slappey or Customer because of the 服务 furnished by Slappey, shall be paid by the Customer 除了 the regular charges under this 服务条款.

服从法律. 斯皮迪服务受所有适用联邦政府的约束, 州和地方法律, 法规, 政府机构的裁决和命令, 和适用的关税,以及FCC或任何政府机构的任何必要批准或授权的获得和延续. 如果法院或其他政府机构命令任何一方终止其与Slappey服务有关的义务而不承担任何责任. If any such order or ruling would materially and adversely impact Slappey in carrying out its obligations, 斯莱皮有这个权利 to terminate the agreement without liability for such termination. In the event of a ruling or enactment by a government authority which adversely affects the cost of providing service, Slappey保留六十(60)天通知客户的权利, 停止受影响的服务或提高Slappey的价格.

欺诈与网络安全. 斯莱皮不对任何损失负责, 包括但不限于使用费和通行费, Customer may incur as a result of the unauthorized use of Customer's telephone and/or network facilities. 这种未经授权的使用包括, 但不限于, 从用户场所和通过用户提供的设备和/或用户网络拨打电话. 在任何情况下,Slappey不对客户网络的保护负责, 未经授权的传输设施或设备, 或任何未经授权的访问或更改, 偷窃或销毁用户的数据文件, 项目, 程序, and information or other network elements or content through fraudulent means or devices. 客户应继续负责任何长途电话费用或其他费用,无论任何实际或声称未经授权或欺诈使用. 对于所有欺诈性或未经授权的长途使用,Slappey应采取合理的努力从其长途运营商处获得信用. 斯莱皮有这个权利, 但不是义务, 立即停用“客户”的长途电话服务或其他服务, in the event Slappey reasonably believes such service is the subject of suspected theft or fraud.

启动的服务. Unless otherwise provided for in the 服务条款 including any Attachments or in an applicable tariff, Customer's liability for Service charges shall commence upon installation by Slappey. Charges for 服务 rendered after installation shall not be reduced by untimely installation. Slappey对不及时安装不承担任何责任.

默认的. 客户违约时, Slappey可暂停对客户的服务,直至客户补救违约或终止本协议及提供的服务. 客户是违约的,如果它. (a) Is more than five (5) days past due in paying any Slappey invoice pursuant to its terms, excluding those amounts which Customer has notified Slappey as reasonably being in dispute, (b) Fails to cure any non-monetary breach of any terms of the agreement within thirty (30) days of receiving written notice of the default from Slappey; or, (c) Files or initiates proceeding or has proceedings filed or initiated against seeking liquidation, 重组或其他救济(如委任受托人), 接收机, 清算人, 托管人或其他此类官员), 破产法或其他类似法律.

中止服务. 在所有客户要求终止服务的情况下, 包括但不限于按月计算的合同, Customer shall notify Slappey that Customer is Terminating services by certified mail, 请将回执寄至以下地址:斯莱皮通讯公司, 有限责任公司. 阿拉巴马州伯明翰市卡哈巴高地法院100号室4260号,邮编35243. 客户应负责向Slappey支付在其要求的终止日期后30天内终止服务的费用. Additional termination charges may also apply where Customer is not on a month-to-month term.